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Labor or Not…

During the last month of my pregnancy, I had a ridiculous amount of doctor’s appointments. My OB needed to see me weekly. So did Maternal Fetal Med for Non Stress Test monitoring. Cardio still needed one more echo before birth. And my Neurologist needed to meet with me so we could plan how to tackle my MS post pregnancy. My calendar had something on it every day!

One of these routine appointments was on January 27th. Dr. Schemmer, our Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor, officially scheduled us with the U of U for induction on February 16th.  Jason and I immediately freaked out because it was so soon! It was still three weeks out but having an official date made it feel so much sooner. For the rest of the night we were giggly and babbling away about how close it was. Continue reading

Good News and Bad News

We had our follow up with Dr. Su regarding Ella’s heart. Last time we saw him, he was concerned about her pulmonary artery. That was the big factor for if Ella was going to need surgery right away and if that would mean multiple upkeep surgeries over the years. The good news is, the pulmonary artery is growing great and is no longer a concern for the doctor… the bad news is, he’s now very concerned about the pulmonary veins.
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We Can See the Finish Line!


I hit 32 weeks on Sunday. We are SO excited, shocked, and terrified. Where did the time go?? Ah!


An update on me: Morning sickness FINALLY went away about 3 weeks ago! Tears of gratitude over here. That was so hard on me, both physically and emotionally. Even with all my chronic health issues, that tops the list. It has been wonderful to feel more like myself again and to really enjoy being pregnant. Although pregnancy brain has definitely kicked in…I’m kind of scatter brained, so forgive me if this is a disjointed post.

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Beautiful Baby

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! We had a chill holiday. Unfortunately Jason was pretty sick with a fever and cough so that ended up changing out plans. We stayed at home for Christmas Eve and most of Christmas Day, just the two of us and our kitty.  We missed being with our families but at the same time it was kind of nice to be just the two of us snuggled on the couch in front of our Christmas tree instead of running around town.

This year as we think about the Christmas season and the miracle of Christ, of course we have spent a lot of time being grateful and thinking of our daughters.

We haven’t met our daughters yet. But we are picturing them, small and perfect and absolutely beautiful. I am sure we will be in awe when we meet them. Every child is a miracle, but for us especially we have no doubt that our babies are a gift directly from God and they could not be ours without His mercy.

Now, can you imagine looking at such a tiny being and realizing that the babe in front of you is the Son of God, sent to save the world from its sins?


Awe wouldn’t begin to describe the level of wonder and emotions I would be feeling. Just picturing this scene fills my heart with love and joy. I am so grateful to my Savior for the countless blessings He has sent to me. I am indebted to Him for the sacrifices He made so that I can be saved from my sins. I know that He lives and He loves me personally and that He too can’t wait for me and Jason to become parents and to get a glimpse of the kind of all-encompassing love He feels towards us as we feel that love with our daughters. This is the love that He feels towards each of us and I pray that each of us will feel and recognize that love in our lives each day.

One Year From Our Failure

One year ago today, Katie and I went in for our retrieval to start our IVF cycle. They got nearly 40 eggs, which was beyond exciting. However, it was a devastating failure on my end.

We were crushed. We wondered how it was all going to work out and why God hadn’t answered our prayers. Why, after all that work and money and stress, why hadn’t He provided a solution and held up His end of the deal? Not even one or two little swimmers? He couldn’t even do that? I didn’t lose Faith, but I sure was shaken and distraught.

Then our inspired Doctor told us we had another chance. After insane amounts of charity on his end and lots of phone calls and favors and strings pulled (and not less than a boatload of charity from friends and family), we had a plan. Three months later, I underwent a fairly invasive and expensive surgery at a fraction of the cost. They found 35 little swimmers. 35!!!

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