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Deciding - Be Brave

Becoming a bride a few short months prior to my 20th birthday, I always assumed it was invetiable I would be a young mom. Because I’ve always wanted children, I knew I didn’t want to postpone kids for very long. But at the same time I was not in any rush to be in charge of a tiny human being’s life. I loved being newlyweds having fun with nothing tying us down. A baby? No way, not now. We’d have plenty of time for that later.

Jason didn’t quite share my point of view. He would have been ready–and thrilled–to have a baby right away. After joking with him that we could have a baby tommorrow if he was willing to cut down on costs by doing cloth diapers and him eagerly accepting, I realized Continue reading


Be Brave

Sara Bareilles is one of my favorite artists. So many of her songs lyrics speak to me on a very personal level. They inspire me, comfort me, and make me think. One of her most recent hits is “Brave”.

Every time I hear this song I wonder what have I always wanted to do but have been too scared to try? What places would I see, which people would I meet, experiences would I have if I didn’t let fear get in my way? Belting this song out at the top of my lungs, it’s easier to feel a little bit more courageous.

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